1.11 Temp Map up and running!

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The temporary 1.11 world is running on the normal buildatnight.com IP. Remember this is a vanilla map. Follow all vanilla SMP precautions. Dont give out your coords to anyone you dont trust completely and dont build close to spawn. (Think a few thousand blocks out) Building a nether portal near your base is almost as dangerous as posting your coords at spawn. Dont do it. Build one farrr away from your base. There is no protection and no rollback in vanilla. People will try to grief you. 

The Super Moon and 1.11

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Tonight the moon will be the closest and largest since 1948!!!

If you have some free time and the sky is clear where you live it will be totally worth it to take a gander.

Now, the question on everyones mine! (< not a typo) 1.11!!!


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Our Twitter Page Is Back!

After a long time of inactivity, our BuildAtNight Twitter page is back up and running! We will be featuring inspiring builds, server updates and any upcoming news that we feel is good to share! If you want to stay updated, give the page a follow! 

Minecraft 1.9 Released!!!

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The new Minecraft version is here! Come try out all the new things on our 1.9 TEMP MAP while we wait for Spigot to release a 1.9 version!.

IP is 19.buildatnight.com



1.9 Pre-release!

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So, minecraft  1.9 comes out tomorrow, as celebration I finally decided to play the Pre-release, it looks GREAT.

Server Progress

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Just a quick update post.

The map is just about ready for lauch. Finishing up some configs and still waiting on a couple plugins. If they dont update by tomorrow Im just going to release the new map without them. We have all the important things like protections now.

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