Spooky Pumpkins 2016 Results!

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This years Halloween contest was a smashing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) success! Players were given a plain old boring generic pumpkin and tasked with turning it into a festive autumn masterpiece. As usual they were up for the challenge!

In first place is LittleRabbitPaw with a creative take not just on how a pumpkin looks but also the magnificent transformation it undergoes once the season is past.

Winter Waltz 2015 Winners!

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After multiple judging discussions, the winners of the Winter Waltz contest have been decided!

We will start off with the results for the "A Wonderful Surprise" portion of the contest. These winners did in fact-surprise the judges!

KECrazy45 won a spot in this category by building an amazing wardrobe to Narnia. Not only does it fit our snowy theme, but it is also a classic~

Hickory smoked Bacon results

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At long last the delicious bacony goodness results are in!

Bacons Pick: AlyDragonTamer!
Aly really caught Bacons eye. "Cats!" < Direct Quote

Surprizingly Delicious: PuffleFish
Puffle really wowed the judges with his creativity!

Whimsical Wools - Contest Results

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Another extremely difficult contest to judge. We had so many great entires! Often with contests a single screenshot cannot do the results justice. There are just too many faucets and dimensions. We encourage anyone to take a trip out to the contest area so that you can fully immerse yourself in the builds.

Holiday Contest Results

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The results are in!

In First Place is Thak217 for his tree in a box on a table.

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