Catchem Craft Farewell

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All good things must come to an end, that is the status of our Pixelmon server too. Today Nintendo threatened a cease and desist order on Pixelmon... because of this the pixelmon team decided to comply. I have made a video to capture all the amazing contributions we have had to the Catchem Craft community. Thanks everyone for joining and adding to the server. smiley

The Super Moon and 1.11

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Tonight the moon will be the closest and largest since 1948!!!

If you have some free time and the sky is clear where you live it will be totally worth it to take a gander.

Now, the question on everyones mine! (< not a typo) 1.11!!!


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You heard right! There have been some rumors swirling about the possibility of a Pixelmon server launch in partner with BuildAtNight... Those rumors are correct! The server is now released, the IP and important information are here

Minecraft 1.9 Released!!!

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The new Minecraft version is here! Come try out all the new things on our 1.9 TEMP MAP while we wait for Spigot to release a 1.9 version!.

IP is



Minecraft 1.9 is coming!

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Mojang has moved the release date on Minecraft 1.9 up from today to Feb 29th

(Recruiter) and (Youtuber)

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Some may ask, what is going on? A new rank and an old one making a comeback? YES, That is correct! The BuildAtNight staff are happy to introduce a chance for the players to APPLY for these ranks!


[Windows 10 Minecraft]

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Windows 10 has been released and a Minecraft beta has been too

Windows 10 has been released and Minecraft Windows 10 Beta has been released too. To dowload it click the windows icon in the right corner of your computer screen. If confused, click the download instructions link.

If you'd like to download Windows, 10 here's instructions:

Wild Wednesdays on!

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Wild Wednesdays on!!!

Nothing to do on Wednesday nights? 

Well fear no more! Just come on and enjoy some super funky

music all night long. What type of music is played? thats up to you, pick your favorite songs and pop them down

in your music playlist for others to enjoy!

Where do I go?

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