Spring Contest Results!

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It's that time again, I know many of you guys have been awaiting the contest results and they are finally in!

We have 3 categories: Send me a flower: Build something dedicated to the beauty of Spring flowers, What is Spring really?: Build what Spring means to you, &  BEES!: Build something dedicated to the bees, they need it! There will also be one runner-up due to the limited amount of builds we have received. 

Enough of the jibber jabber, lets get into the results!

Spring Contest 2016!

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Why hello there fellow BuildAtNight website member, we now have a new contest up for all to participate in. This time, it is the Spring contest!

Show off your beautiful ideas with builds, make sure they're as pretty as Spring flowers. 

Starts: 3/27/16 & Ends: 4/25/16

Valentine's Day Contest 2016

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Can you feel the love tonight?

That's right we are hosting a Valentine's Day contest

Plots are 50x50 and once again, the categories are going to be announced...

Hopeless Romantic: No matter how much you try, you can't find that special someone (aka you're forever alone)

Winter Waltz 2015 Winners!

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After multiple judging discussions, the winners of the Winter Waltz contest have been decided!

We will start off with the results for the "A Wonderful Surprise" portion of the contest. These winners did in fact-surprise the judges!

KECrazy45 won a spot in this category by building an amazing wardrobe to Narnia. Not only does it fit our snowy theme, but it is also a classic~

Winter Waltz

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Winter Waltz~

That's Right, our winter contest is open and ready for builds!

Start Date:11/27/15, End Date:12/25/15 EST

This time, we will announce the categories!

A Wonderful Surprise: Impress the judges with an original idea!

Where's Your Snowman?: Build The Best Snowman, BE CREATIVE!!

Halloween 2015 Results!

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After a long wait, the contest results are finally in!

There are three categories to this contest, along with some runner ups.

The categories were: Most Creative, Spookiest and Most Impressive (wow factor).

The Winners Are...

New Contest: Under The Sea~

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New Contest: Under The Sea!

Splash into the fun and create something unqiue! Build inside, around or destroy the fishbowl to make your build amazing!

There are 25 plots so there are MANY to go around!

To get here, type: /T Tp UnderTheSea

Hickory smoked Bacon results

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At long last the delicious bacony goodness results are in!

Bacons Pick: AlyDragonTamer!
Aly really caught Bacons eye. "Cats!" < Direct Quote

Surprizingly Delicious: PuffleFish
Puffle really wowed the judges with his creativity!


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