Trade in your Stars!!

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Treydun lives up to their promise again!  
We now have access to a rewards shop for stars. 
Wait stars?  Special currency awarded to players by winning/entering building contests that happen time to time, as well as possible event rewards that appear on the server.  Don't know how many/if you have?  /stars me

Ruffa Mah Feders Contest Results

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Thank you for all the participants; those who have finished a build and those who have attemped but did not complete due to other reasons.  

Hickory smoked Bacon results

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At long last the delicious bacony goodness results are in!

Bacons Pick: AlyDragonTamer!
Aly really caught Bacons eye. "Cats!" < Direct Quote

Surprizingly Delicious: PuffleFish
Puffle really wowed the judges with his creativity!

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