Travelpads Reloaded!


Travelpads is a social teleportation network that allows players to create their own physical warp locations in the Minecraft world and share them with others.

Initially they look like the picture above but the slabs may be swapped out for any other block.
The center is Obsidian and must always remain or the pad will cease to function.

You need to be standing on a travelpad to travel to another one.
There is one at /spawn as well as scattered around the world. 
Traveling to another pad costs $100 (which you earn by playing or selling goods)
You can travel to another pad for free by having an Ender Eye on you. It will cost the eye.

To create your own Pad you must be at least a Builder rank or higher. (Have built a house)
The first pad you create is free. Each additional pad you create costs $500 more.
Begin by placing Bricks around an Obsidian like shown. Right click the obsidian to activate.


You have 30 seconds to name your new pad with /t name TheNameYouWant

Builders may create 2 pads.
Tier 1 Ranks may create 4
Tier 2 Ranks may create 8
Tier 3 Ranks may create 16

To list the top public pads type /t

To list all the public pads type /t list public

Use the arrows at the bottom of the pages to navigate.
All pads in the lists have Hover information and are clickable (if you are standing on a pad!)

Stand on a pad and type /t i to discover its name!

Set your pad public (appears in the public list) with /t set (PadName) public

Set your pads public description with /t set (PadName) description Your desired description

Set your pads default arrival direction with /t set (PadName) direction [North\South\East\West]