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Minecraft Halloween contest going on now! Pumpkin Carving!

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The new Halloween contest went live a few days ago in game. If you have not stopped by lately you might have missed it.

This year we are trying a new style. 

Pumpkin carving!


The rules are simple. Carve a pumpkin!

If you do not like the 'default' pumpkin base provided, feel free to transform it into something more beautiful!

Signs will be provided at the contest spawn to change your gamemode from Creative to Survival and back again so you can make use of the speed boost of Efficiency V shears on this wool! 

In addition, there is a new way to get a plot in the current contest!


Right clicking on any [Open Claim] sign will automatically assign you to that plot. 

No need to wait for a staff member to give you a plot!

For convenience there are beacons placed at every '4 corners' where the signs are located. If you are having trouble locating an open claim fly over to a beacon.

If you would like the pumpkin removed from your plot entirely you can make a /ticket there requesting the removal of the pumpkin or if you dont feel like waiting just use Eff 5 shears.

The contest ends at Midnight on Halloween (PST) so don't wait long to get started!


Dragon drops Elytra!

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From now on when you kill the dragon (aka 'fluffy') it will drop an Elytra. This should help with acquiring one since the first few thousand blocks of the End have been raided.


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