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New Contest!! Ruffa Mah Feders!

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This Contest is for all those who are getting that lull in building!  Time to strut your stuff!  Show FidgetyAtom you can shake your tailfeather and impress everyone else!! 

You are all on your own on this one!!  Everyone is out to fend for themselves!! 

I heard from a little blue bird that FidgetyAtom gets a *HOOT* for all Owls, PhoenixMax thinks he's the king of all birds, and quite possibly that we all enjoy some KFC once in a while.  What are you waiting for?  Go forth and Build!!

Contest Ends January 31, 2017!!


Main server updated to Minecraft 1.11!

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After a (long) wait the main server is updated to 1.11!

Only took about 12 hours of programming and 4 hours of updating!

Portable Horses should be 100% safe to use right out of the box! (No portable Llamas yet)

The End has been mostly reset for fresh Elytra and Shulker hunting options!

The world is (a lot) bigger!

If you notice any bugs please make a /ticket ASAP or post on the forums here!

Have fun!


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