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The Super Moon and 1.11

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Tonight the moon will be the closest and largest since 1948!!!

If you have some free time and the sky is clear where you live it will be totally worth it to take a gander.

Now, the question on everyones mine! (< not a typo) 1.11!!!

According to the Spigot team the roadmap has an aggressive plan of having a 1.11 release build by next weekend. There will be test builds before that so I should be able to update most of our plugins to 1.11 before the official spigot build releases. (Hopefully)

At the moment I am planning on putting up our usual version change Vanilla temp map. The main server will continue to be accessible on 1.10 via a temporary alternate address I will be posting here when its ready and running.

Portable Horses should be 100% safe due to changes I made in the code base a couple versions ago. There are some features about them that are sadly changing and I will need to make changes to the plugin in order to support those changes. Specifically - "For all horses, HasReproducedType and Saddle tags are removed." and "Horse was split into entity IDs horsedonkeymuleskeleton_horse and zombie_horse for their respective types." -

At the moment I cannot predict how long it will take for me to change those tags because it depends on how spigot handles those changes in the API. Regardless the horses will still be 'safe' in or out of their saddles. Eventually I hope to add portable carpets for the new Llamas. 

I will keep you all posted! Feel free to post any other questions about updates in the forums so everyone can see the answers.


Spooky Pumpkins 2016 Results!

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This years Halloween contest was a smashing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) success! Players were given a plain old boring generic pumpkin and tasked with turning it into a festive autumn masterpiece. As usual they were up for the challenge!

In first place is LittleRabbitPaw with a creative take not just on how a pumpkin looks but also the magnificent transformation it undergoes once the season is past.


The depth and detail of the decay effect won over the heart of most of the judges. In the words of one judge; "I mean like seriously, the moldy pumpkin is gonna turn some heads and makes everyone wonder why the trash delivery guy has yet to bother picking it up after the candy-slough holiday."

In a very close second place is Altair with a haunted minecart ride inside a pumpkin!


In third place is FidgetyAtom! Wandering by and one may miss this one, because its carved to be viewed from top down!



The runners up barely missed placing in the top 3 due to their overall high quality and varied styles.


Brocrafter14's pumpkin has a bit of extra flair with its hat tipped to the side.


9Mikey1's Pumpkin looked a little evil.


MadHatterSupreme's pumpkin had a little top hatted peep to acompany it!


Other entries that deserved special recognition

M_2016-11-07_21.30.27.png M_2016-11-07_21.22.15.png M_2016-11-07_21.28.13.png M_2016-11-07_21.22.37.png M_2016-11-07_21.21.05.png M_2016-11-07_21.29.12.png M_2016-11-07_21.26.55.png M_2016-11-07_21.26.43.png

sinn0h4prez, CaptainNuclear, moi0Alex, Conormighthave, KitsuneYuki, Zorrothefox, sauerkrauthotdog and Lupobianco2597

This isnt even all the great entires! Still more sadly didnt make it into the post. If your pumpkin didnt make it into the post rest assured it was still appreciated. There really was too many great ones to choose from!


Minecraft Halloween contest going on now! Pumpkin Carving!

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The new Halloween contest went live a few days ago in game. If you have not stopped by lately you might have missed it.

This year we are trying a new style. 

Pumpkin carving!


The rules are simple. Carve a pumpkin!

If you do not like the 'default' pumpkin base provided, feel free to transform it into something more beautiful!

Signs will be provided at the contest spawn to change your gamemode from Creative to Survival and back again so you can make use of the speed boost of Efficiency V shears on this wool! 

In addition, there is a new way to get a plot in the current contest!


Right clicking on any [Open Claim] sign will automatically assign you to that plot. 

No need to wait for a staff member to give you a plot!

For convenience there are beacons placed at every '4 corners' where the signs are located. If you are having trouble locating an open claim fly over to a beacon.

If you would like the pumpkin removed from your plot entirely you can make a /ticket there requesting the removal of the pumpkin or if you dont feel like waiting just use Eff 5 shears.

The contest ends at Midnight on Halloween (PST) so don't wait long to get started!



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