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It's that time of year again so gather your treat bags!

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Call for all Haunted Houses, because that's our Halloween theme!
This year we are building a harrowing town to host our "trick or treat" event, so be sure to make a scary home to hold all your ghosts!

To enter, head on over to /visit bunnicula and pick a plot

This is a survival contest, but to sweeten the deal, participants who complete a build will recieve one super special Halloween themed head, or "mask" as we like to call it! As always, participants will also recieve a complimentary star to which players can purchase fun extras from the /menu!

As for winners—The greater the end result, overall participation, and care given to our haunted town will determine the capacity of contest prizes, or in other words "better town=better prizes :3" and the more people who join and participate, the better the loot for the winning houses!

Contest Rules: 

1.) We're mainly looking for haunted real estate, but anything Halloween themed goes. Be creative!

2.) Any unfinished builds by October 28th will be considered "abandoned" and will be adjusted by staff to fit the part. Try your best, but don't stress!

3.) Redstoners—by all means make a house full of tricks, but nothing is allowed that's designed to kill players. No real ghosts! Participants who do not follow this rule will be disqualified.

4.) DO NOT delete your auto-claim plot sign! They will be used later for judging!


Ghostly: This entry is considered to fit the best "haunted" feel to their house, and should be a home that gives anybody the creeps!

Scary: This entry is right down any redstoner's alley and should be house of long-lasting fright, but don't scare anybody to death!

Punny: This entry is a creative spin on dread and the Halloween spirit, so make a house that fits the bill... I mean shrill!

Community favorite: When all is said and mortar laid, you can vote for your favorite haunted house and help pick a community winner!

Quality of interior, exterior, materials, and style will help you achieve higher marks, and by improving the town you will not only qualify for category prizes but you'll also benefit from the Halloween event at the end of the month. We'll have a slew of goodies for everyone's trick or treat bags, so be sure to enter and stop into town!

This contest will be ongoing until the cut-off date of October 28th, so be sure to join the Nightmare Square! As residents move in, the town will be ever growing and residents may request specific Halloween themed decorations outside the boundary of their plot (ie. pumpkin patches, gravestones, bonfires, wheat fields+scarecrow, etc.) Just leave a petition sign with your request!

If you want your plot extended, contact staff for consideration. Also! Be wary of your surroundings in town! It's been mostly hostile mob-proofed but there are still some slimes wandering around... Happy hunting, and remember to have fun!



Arcade High Scores

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Yay! Another awesome contest over and all the entries were well made by all our awesome builders here at BuildAtNight!
Let's not forget to thank ThePuffle for the competitive theme and design.

A reminder that if players want their stars (special currency redeemable for various mob heads, exclusive color text, and a shot at getting some unobtainable spawn eggs), please participate in the future contests and holiday events!

Leader of the High Scores
"Dance! Dance! Wonderful build, looks so real I could just jump up and try it out." - FidgetyAtom
"Very well built and i like the colors added. If only i was ever good at these lol" - SMagicBaconS
 I loved the details of the machine exterior and the glowstone/redstone dust as arrows was clever!" - LittleRabbitPaw

Sharing Second of the High Scores
TristanoFalls & Gundamit
"Great spin on the build, I love it. Makes me feel really immersed in the game!" - FidgetyAtom
"The Defenders theme was AWESOME. The logo in the sky was SUPER realistic and the fact that the entire thing surrounds you as if your PART of it really immerses you in the build." - PhoenixMax

"The pipes, Wario, and the underground part of the level was a neat addition, and Peach as a spectator with a glass of wine is priceless!" - LittleRabbitPaw
 "I loved the Super Mario Bros. stage. very nicely detailed and i thought the inclusion of peach watching the whole thing whilst sippin' a glass o' wine was rather funny." - PhoenixMax

Finishing Third of the High Scores
"All the details; the donkey kong on the back, the tetris floor, and you could go inside the game, so cool!" - LittleRabbitPaw

Phenomenal Honorable Mentions
"I adore the little ghosts. Very nice build." - FridgetyAtom


"A modern twist on Snake, this build is just really simple but takes up enough of the plot to make the next few points for game.  The snake even kept all the points it previously eaten inside it!  That's pretty clever!" - SodaPoppy


"The maze and inside of the ship was a great surprise, the inside is very nicely decorated and the maze took me a good 15 minutes.... this was another fresh concept that was not done by anyone else." - SMagicBaconS

Thank you again to all participants!  Hope to see more entries in the next contest!  Whenever it will be!


Start your arcade machines, this time we're going retro!

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The Theme is Retro Arcade Games! Build anything related to older video games or 8Bit art. Heck, do whatever you want, I'm not stopping you. Be creative, it helps with getting those precious stars.

Plots are 70x70 so there is plenty of space to really branch out.

The way to get there is stand on any T-pad and type /t tp Arcade

Right click an autoclaim sign that says "Open" to claim your spot today!

Start Date: 8/7/17 End Date: 9/2/17

Contest concept and design made by ThePuffle



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