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Expected downtime

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Hello BuildatNighters!

We are in the process of migrating to a new host for our server. Over the next couple days the site and/or server may be unavailable for brief periods of time. Rest assured, all of your builds and stuff are completely safe and aside from the downtime you should barely notice any difference.

Also a new contest is coming, stay tuned!

Treydun now holds the new highscore for 'Being Interviewed'!

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Welcome to 2014, welcome to Build at Night, welcome to my reports!

I write on the website for the server about... well, about the server. I like to write about builds that interest me, I will definitely check out your tier 3 builds, but if there's a lot of talk about certain other builds then I will check them out too! I did this for the previous website and server and it was a lot of fun. We have some amazing builders and from what I hear they are only improving, which is great, because now Trey is going to be expecting me to write funny and interesting things about them all. So thanks guys, really, you couldn't just build dirt hurts? Right on.

So yeah, here we are. Start of the new server, we got old faces back and new ones coming in all the time. Since it's the beginning of the new server, I can't really report on a build, I've heard about a few propping up, and there's obviously the towns of the mayors that are starting to open, but I think what we need is something on a personal level. The builds are the server, no doubt. It's the map we occupy, destroy and then create. It's the action we provide and the consequence we are left with, and it's real interesting to walk around in, like seeing a building prop up after you climb that mountain so you get to check it out, I love that. Buuuut.... In the meantime, let's get some answers about the server!

There's been some amazing interviews in the past. Frost and Nixon, Bashir and Lady Diana, Britney Spears and Carson Daley. Well the list just got longer, without further delay, here's the Treydun interview.

Who will take over the world first, Google or Treydun?

Google, those guys got mad stacks yo.

  Why the name 'Build at Night'?

Because "Mine at Night" was taken

  In one sentence, describe the idea for the server.


  How do you feel about people saying the server has got harder?

Do cave spiders poison?!?

  With the economy change happening on the server, are you thinking about changing the rank requirements too?

Our ranks are complicated. The judging is subjective. Every player has their own unique style and one of my hardest jobs is applying ranks equally.

  If you had something to say to a new person joining the server, what would it be?

Welcome to BuildatNight! Please read the rule signs at spawn and type the command...

  When did you start playing Minecraft and what were your initial thoughts about the game?

Browniesaurustold me about this game in beta 1.6ish. I was like w/evs then I watched a utube promo vid. I saw great potential in a game where you could tear down and rebuild the entire world block by block. When I joined my first vanilla smp server with brownie and he tried to teach me how to craft, I knew immediately I needed a wiki. That part of the game, although easy once you "get it" is so hard for a beginner to figure out.

  You were the Inventor rank before becoming staff, how did you get so good with redstone and what tips do you have for those who want to improve?

I started with a good teacher. Another player on that first server with browniewent by the name Antioch. That guy did things with redstone that blew my mind. One of the things that drew me to redstone was the similarities to programming. I think of redstone like if statements. If this lever flips this door opens or this torch goes off. If this lever and this lever flips these lights go off. This makes it easier for me but I dont think it works for everyone. Watch videos of sethbling and disco_ Those guys are the real redstone masters. I just derp a bit.

Who would win in a fight, scorchdawg or Sir_Random1?

Well they both killed me together. Thats a deadly duo.

Well I think that about covers everything for now. Please feel free to send me a /mail on the server for ideas about reports, please don't just ask for it to be about your build though, I'm pretty good at finding out when someone has been promoted so I'll ask you about your build when I see you've got the rank up. If I do miss you then I really won't mind a /mail or /msg. Maybe you have an idea for a report that isn't about a build though, I'd love to hear it, s'all about that cooperative action!

Peace out.

P.S. Here's a link to the new optifine, they've changed how you install it (it pretty much installs itself now, which is great). If you don't know what optifine is well it's just a mod that gives you more graphic options, you can turn a lot of stuff off like animations and weather to boost your FPS, also it has a zoom feature which is pretty cool. Here's the link

Holiday Contest Results

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The results are in!

In First Place is Thak217 for his tree in a box on a table.

My description doesn't really do it justice though. From the hidden noteblock song to the overall use of curves and angles, this build was top notch. It was hard to look at it and not feel like you were at the North Pole.

A very close Second was scorchdawg with his ice tree.

An intricate base and a glowing stained glass star really made this stand out. And then you turn on the lights. Flashing from top to bottom this tree manages to capture a little holiday spirit even while looking so frosty.

Third Place was captured by dracomew with Santa falling down the chimney

The bricks had excellent depth and it caught you by surprise. If you didnt laugh at this build a little... I worry about you.


Runners up were

SoccerKobi with his cozy fireplace setting. Alas, the plot size was a little too constraining for his desires but he made it fit.

and Vulpies with their stained glass snowman. Taking full advantage of the new 1.7 blocks this guy even sports a nice hat!


Honorable mentions go out to






and MunchinOrangez with a little whoville yes

Thank you everyone who participated in the first ever Build at Night Holiday contest. You all made it so hard to judge. Stay tuned for the next contest!



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