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A Tale of Three Cities

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London, Paris and Milan? Nahh. New York, Tokyo and Amsterdam? Don't think so. Xe-World, Woodtown and Magicville? Quite right.

So you're new around here? No? Well if you were and wanted to build near others, I'd point you in the direction of one of these places. But you're not new? You sure? Still wanna be part of something with a group of people though, well same rules apply. You talk to one of the mayors of these towns and they'll set you up with a plot on their land. Each town has it's own perks and differences, but all of them you're guarenteed a safer place to build, also guarenteed to have others build closely around you. If a minecraft house is built in the woods and no one is around to see it, does it get tier 1? Well with these towns you won't have to worry about these philosophical questions. Sales pitch complete, /cmd execute mayor report. Reporter hacks, baby! Let's go!

Now I could describe the buildings that currently adorn each town, say you already reside there? I could wax lyrical and get spiritual about the building ritual that goes into each house. But I'd be doing every future resident a disservice, with them knowing their beautiful builds will miss out on the towns report. What if that dissuades people from joining and building? I'm here to sell these plots, and since they're free, I think my job is pretty easy. Why not get on that /visitregion (town name) command and see which town is your fave. I've been hearing Magicville is filling up fast, and xeworlds rocking that massive eevee. Corshot's wood town, you can guess what goes down. Real talk though. These three run their place cause they know that minecraft is all about collaboration and they're cool with directly providing that collective spirit on this great server not just for you, but with you, that's the whole point. So if that is something you wanna get in on? You know who to talk to. Corshot25, SMagicBaconS or Xebright. These are the mayors. I'll keep this short and sweet. You are the players. You now know all the deets.

Peace out.


Magicville's 50 Residents Party!!

I will be holding a party celebrating Magicville gaining 50 Residents. This event will be held mainly in Town Hall but there will be stuff around town to do, and the party will be held on February 15th 2014! I will be serving cake and drinks, there will be party games, quizes to answer for prizes, and other fun games. This will be an almost all day event, i may need to leave once or twice for a bit because of chores but i will stay on as long as i can. Anyone is welcome and i will still be open to sell or give plots, so no need to worry :)

Questions that may be asked on the quiz :P

1. How old am i?

2. whats my favorite hobby?

3. What is my favorite animal?

4. what is my gender?

5. Who do i look up to?

I have said all these answers in the chat multiple times so no impossible questions  :P 

Feb 15 2014, 11:00am - 11:00pm EST

Move complete

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The move is complete. We have a couple quirks.

If you are stuck at the downloading texture pack screen try pressing Esc key.

If you have negative claim blocks.

Do /ticket Negative claim blocks and I will fix it

Dynmap is rerendering. Travel to your areas and place some blocks to refresh your area

Any other bugs please post on the forums. Thank you for your patience


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