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Go Go super server!

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We are once again migrating servers. This will be the last one for some time.

We have acquired a server that will allow us to open a lot more slots again. Also lag issues should be non existent.

I will be migrating us this evening so expect a little downtime of both the minecraft server and the website. DONT PANIC. cheeky

New contest! Statues!

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2014statues.jpgAt last!

The newest creative contest is open! The goal is to build a statue, any staue. Does NOT have to conform to the generic minecraft skin style. You are encouraged to think outside of the box. Contest is in creative so you have no excuses! Ask an Admin for a plot today! No admins online? Do command (/ticket Contest Plot Please) while standing in the open plot you would like. An admin will set up your plot claim as soon as they are able.



contestportal.jpgTo get to the new contest simply take the portal at spawn!


WoodTown, Always open for new residents

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For all the new players who happen to read this and want to join a town, lokk no further. WoodTown is open for everyone, new players to people who have been on this server for years. WoodTown has plot varied between 12x12 to 20x20, and if your building big, I would be more than happy to get you a plot big enough for your build. One player,named Walanna says that WoodTown is "A great town with working infrastucture, a wonderful community and a pleasant place for anyone to start their journey on BuildAtNight. It's's a place where players can help each other out and enjoy the server in a whole new way."

    WoodTown is,well, full of wooden builds so we have a large tree farm available for all residents in WoodTown. For all the rules and details, please read below.


1.Ask Corshot25 to recieve a plot.

2.Do not build inappropriate builds.

3.Do not build racist builds.

4.There is a tree farm provided for all residents. Please replant all trees you chop down for the convienence of others.

5.Each resident can have a max 4 plots.--> 1st plot free,2nd plot 250,3rd plot450,4th plot650.

6.Do not build outside town.Buildings built outside town will be demolished.

      Thank you for reading.


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