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Are you new to minecraft or this server? If so be sure to visit the Help Center! To get there simply type /visitregion helpcenter This HelpCenter contains The rules, plugins, and ranks all explained in detail! Also it has some Minecraft Tricks and Building tips! There is a section that tells where to go and the sections are easy to find! If you have any Questions or concerns /mail send SMagicBaconS or /mail send Internal_overide and we will be more than happy to help you!

Go Go super server!

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We are once again migrating servers. This will be the last one for some time.

We have acquired a server that will allow us to open a lot more slots again. Also lag issues should be non existent.

I will be migrating us this evening so expect a little downtime of both the minecraft server and the website. DONT PANIC. cheeky


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