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Winter 2018 Gingerbread Contest!

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It's Contest Time!  

Our new Christmas Theme is...



Come participate for great prizes or just stop by to watch beautiful and yummy things be created in our newest survival contest hosted by Jcey and Stardust. 

How to Get a Plot:

  1. Go to /t tp gingerbread.
  2. Look for an available plot.
  3. Stand in it.
  4. Make ticket with "/ticket Contest plot here please"
  5. Wait for approval. 
  6. Start building in your plot!


Contest Rules and Details:

  1. Only 1 person per plot.
  2. This is in survival, so careful of mobs at night!
  3. Try to aim for one of the categories if you can.
  4. "Make it Sweet"- the ultimate sweet gingerbread treat. 
  5. "Super Frosty & Chilly" - lots of ice and snow here.
  6. "Warm & Toasty" - we need warmth too in this biome!
  7. "Santa Approved" - something the big guy would love.
  8. Contest ends December 31st, 2018.


Contest winners will receive special prizes including stars which will help you buy custom playerheads in the future! There will also be participation prizes. Christmas La by Snowshi


A rumble of thunder

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As the sun set there was a rumble of thunder on the horizon. The mobs have broken through the decayed arena behind the town fields! Every full moon on the server brings forth the Hoard. They are incredibly powerful so bring plenty of gear and get some great halloween prizes!


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omg yay new contest! why? cause we can!

Let's see those building skills!  Build at '/t tp halloween' !

Please claim your build area and follow the rules at the purply house!  Bring your own materials!  Or get someone else to get them as long as it's following server rules!



Edit: omg i forgot end time.. prolly around halloween?  duh... k thx bye!



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