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The new gui-de in town

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Be prepared for our new Guide Dracomew!!! He is here to guide us to greatness (hopefully :P).  He will be a great addition to the support rank, I just know it. I wish best of luck to draco.

          Hope hes becomes a great guide :P

The BuildAtNight Mall!

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BuildAtNight and ShopAtDay

The community recently has been working hard to bring you a wonderful place of buying,selling and bartering. The BAN mall is open with 2 stories and 27 Plot ready to be bought! Plots are being sold for 5000 dollars paid to admin or mod. The plots are 15x12. There is also a notice board behind the stairway which people can put a sign with items they are wanting, and a price of how much they will pay.

But what Makes this mall so special, why should i buy a plot?

  • There is a buy day or night sign and a sell diamonds sign for $1000.
  • Plots are cheap, as stated before they are only $5000.
  • It has a beautiful design which will attract people, so more money for you.
  • Anyone is welcome to have a plot and since there are 27, there will be plenty of room!

Thanks to Jesse,Sandwich,Pengy,Wal,Mirran,Mia,Mrwest for there help with the build!

Coming Soon We are going to have a flea market or mini market outside of the Mall!


Death of an Icon

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Tonight we suffer the loss of an amazing mayor, SMagicBaconS, owner of Magicville, home of 76 residents. We were quite impacted by this loss but,

But of the ashes rose a pheonix!

SMagicBaconS felt like being a mayor was to much but was never ready to stop helping, and is now our brand new Guide. yep prepare to see magic with with blue and green instead of purple and gold as her new title. 

I hope we all have a great time with our new Guide,



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