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Are you new to minecraft? If so i have a perfect solution to all your worries. Join a town! they are easy, fun, and they are a great place to start. There are two main towns right now, Magicville and Woodtown owned by SMagicBaconS and Corshot25. They both will always have empty plots and are open to everyone! In towns you will have neighbors and you will most likely become good friends with them! Less mobs will spawn because they are lit. Towns are the safest place to start!

Some common asked questions from experience:

What if someone enters my house? No one will if you lock your door.

But what about grief? Us mayors sub divide our plots so only you can build and break in it.

But what if you are not on when i am? you can /mail send (name) or e-mail me

What if i don't like your town rules? Answer is simple, don't live there

Towns seem complicated but in all seriousness, they really are not. All you have to do is look at a town by putting in the region post warp (/visitregion magicville) (/visitregion woodtown), look around, maybe read the rules before hand or ask questions, and ask the town mayor for a plot. Mayors are the most people friendly players you will meet on this server, that is why they even have the mayor rank. So just ask a mayor to help you get started.  Corshot and I will be more than happy to help you!





Server updated to 1.7.8 support

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The server has been pushed up to 1.7.8

Portable horses are temp disabled. DO NOT throw the saddles away or use them on any other horses! They have long complex names now because they still contain the horse.


Trouble connecting with 1.7.6/1.7.7

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If youre having trouble connecting or it appears that the server cannot be contacted, its a problem with the new release.  Go to "edit profile" an choose 1.7.5 instead of latest release until this gets fixed.


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