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The New Tier 3 Ranks

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Hello build at nighters!

I know reports have been far and few but no need to worry! As for now here are some details about recent events on the server! First on the menu is to show off some amazing Tier 3 builds we are proud to have added to our server recently!

Recently Dracomew has not only gotten Elder for his amazing bridge, which you can see and explore if you ever visit Woodtown, but he also got Grand Mason for his amazing Volcano north-west of spawn. Both are massive build and are wonderful to see if you get the chance.

Xebright also joined the Grand Mason family with his redstone factory. With a Gate lock as the sun goes down and a plenty of office space for the workers, Xe’s Factory was a hit but cannot be visited without permission from Xebright.  We can't wait to see what he can do with redstone from his factory in his upcoming inventor build!

 Internal_Overide got elder for his fully functioning Cmart Shops and Arena located at /visitregion Cmart so stop by and look around at the builds and shop a bit! You can connect through the shops via an underwater passage. Both internal's Elder and Inventor Builds are also under way and hopefully we will have a new master to congratulate.

Wizardbuilder also became a member of the elder group with his spectacular castle, complete with towers, a courtyard and even a throne room! This build also requires Wizard’s permission to see but I highly recommend asking to see if you can check out this mighty build yourself. We can expect great things from Wizardbuilder in the future!

Lastly the most recent tier 3 membership belongs to Lavecchia, who joined the rank of elder with his town. This place is huge and offers multiple building for you to go and explore though and each has been taken with extreme detail. We can't wait to see what Lave comes up with for his next build!

Each of these builders have worked so hard and deserve all the recognition for these amazing builds! We are so proud to have these great builders on on our server and can’t wait to see what other builds they make!




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      With the mall only being open 2 days there has been some great shop so far. With 1/3 of the plots already being bought, we decided we need more plots. So the BAN Mall has brought you 30 smaller pre-setup shops (chest and signs not provided). These plots can hold up to 8 chests and cost $1000! 

Also now there is now an  example shop outside the mall! If you are confused about how to set up your shop, go see the how!


New Contest - Mazes

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This contest is going to be in a different format than usual.

Runs: April 27th, 2014 to May 11th, 2014

This contest will be a team building effort. Teams will consist of 2 to 3 players. All (2)3 players will be judged together so choose your team members wisely.

This contest is being held in the normal survival world. Choose a spot you feel will fit your teams maze style. Normal world rules apply, dont build near another players build with out their permission.

Plot sizes are to be no more than 31x31 with no vertical limit. You are responsible for marking out the area. You can protect it yourself with a golden shovel or ask a staff member to protect it for you if you dont have enough claim blocks. /trust your team members on it.

After you have selected your team members and found a spot to build, (You all have to agree) One of you must stand in the area and type /ticket TEAM - (Your name and the name of your 1-2 team members) This will register your team.

EXAMPLE: /ticket TEAM - Treydun valforia dracomew


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