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Travelpads Reloaded!

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The travelpads plugin has been overhauled and there is a new help page for it!
Travelpads Reloaded < link

Its a little rough around the edges but here is a summary of changes for those who are already familiar with the way it works now.

You can hold an ender eye to pay for teleportation instead of using $

You can set your pads public with /t set (PadName) public

To see the top public pads type /t

To see a list of all public pads type /t list public

All pads in lists have hover information and are clickable

You can set your pads public description with
    /t set (PadName) description (Your description)

You can set your pads arrival direction with
    /t set (PadName) direction (north|south|east|west)

Autocomplete is actually helpful

A new teleporting sign format - [Travelpad] at the top line and
the pad name on the 2nd line. Bottom two can be anything


Holidays are here!

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The holidays are here and the world has been transformed!

Make sure you enable the servers custom resource pack to get the effect.

Don't forget to check out the holiday contest! /t tp gingerbread


Halloween Contest Results

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Halloween 2018 Results Are In!

Sorry for the late news! All participants received stars 
and a very cool Dracula head!

Check out the winners up close at:
/t tp Halloween
1st place:

2nd place:
candlestickking & peskyspecs

3rd place:
Lil_moonstar & Stardust

Don't forget to get your plot at
our newest Christmas Gingerbread Contest,

Time goes by fast and we already have many folks building there!
You'll definitely don't want to miss out on this one...




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