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The main world (Aquatica) has been upgraded to 1.14.1! There are still some bugs and missing plugins, most notably dynmap. Please report any bugs on the discord or the forums here. I will be working on addressing them this coming week. Any areas not visited this year have been purged to allow the new villages and features to generate. They are backed up so if you havent managed to get on this year and find something missing please inform me asap so it can be restored. Enjoy all the new stuff!


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A temporary world has been created for playing around with 1.14
You can get to it by typing /server temp
The 1.13.2 aquatica world is still on 1.13.2 and will be staying that way until spigot is stable enough for an upgrade.
You can connect to the aquatica world with a 1.14 client now but there will be visual bugs due to the version differences. Connecting with 1.13.2 until aquatica is advised for playing on the aquatica world


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