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"Kitty's Korner!" Contest is Over!!

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Hooray!  Another exciting contest has finally ended!  Stay tuned for the results at the end of this week, maybe?  I do not honestly know since it will depend on the judges to deliver their top votes!! 

Later on, we will have the next contest up!  The specifics will be carried out in another news, but all i can say now that it will be a Survival Challenge, which means you all have to produce it in our main server!! 


New Contest!! Kitty's Korner!

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2nd round of our contests is to support one of the members of our staff, Tawnya!!

The categories are as follows:

*Brand Named*

Ever wanted to support your favorite brand or iconic characters and show its the greatest?  Now you can!!  Everyone knows Tawnya sports a fancy cute Hello Kitty hat, so why can't you?  Anything goes as long as its appropriate for our community; joke about any racial/political/staff upsetting builds and you'll win an all-expense paid ban by the Ban Hammer!

Things like these are more than often franchised or you've seen them so much you know when you see them! 

*Favor the Kitty*

You've never seen or talked to Tawnya?  Ohmygoodness, like you're totally missing out on the streets!!  You should ask her what she likes the best and build on it!  Impress her, impress the staff, impress the community that you know Tawnya better than herself!

*What's a Box?*

Do you even minecraft?  Boxes are like the legit only thing in this game;; box huts, box ships, box plots, the list goes on and on!  But seriously though, can you legit make a box better than what it is?  I wanna see what you can do, make something not a box or more box-like.  Prove to me that its better than a stack of boxes to open at Christmas!

Contest Ends July 23rd, that's Tawnya's birthday!!

Everyone knows the drill!!  Ask a staff member for a plot!  If none is present, find an empty plot and make a ticket;; /ticket I want this plot please!



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