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Kitty's Korner Results!

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After a long wait, these contest results are finally up! Sorry about the delay. frown

First off we have the category "Brand Named" Where  players supported their favorite brand or iconic characters and showed it was the greatest!

The winner of this category is SaphyPuppy because of her awesomely cute Little Mermaid! She showed her Disney spirit and wowed us with the cuteness!

Next, is the winner for the category "Favor The Kitty" which is where players asked Tawnya what she liked and built based on her answer! 

The winner of this category is AvaTheLivingOne with her cute kitty, the litterbox also looks like what I have to deal with daily! cool

The last category was "What's a box?" where players had to think inside the box and build accordingly.

The winner of this category was KitsuneYuki! "​KitsuneYuki- Love the kitty jumping out of the box!" -Tawnya

This contest we also have a runner-up, I believe this one needs two screenshots to give the full effect.

"​Bacon- So many things I liked about this build! A rocking chair, the "I need to renovate sign", the hidden minecart ride!" -Tawnya


The Village contest will be up shortly, congrats to all of the winners of this contest! heart


New Plugin! Village Info

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After hearing from people who were having issues setting up a village, we added a new utility.

Village Info is an easy command that gives you all the important information about a village you are standing inside.

Simply type "/villageinfo" or "/vi" while standing inside a village.


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