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Main server updated to Minecraft 1.11!

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After a (long) wait the main server is updated to 1.11!

Only took about 12 hours of programming and 4 hours of updating!

Portable Horses should be 100% safe to use right out of the box! (No portable Llamas yet)

The End has been mostly reset for fresh Elytra and Shulker hunting options!

The world is (a lot) bigger!

If you notice any bugs please make a /ticket ASAP or post on the forums here!

Have fun!

1.11 Temp Map up and running!

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The temporary 1.11 world is running on the normal IP. Remember this is a vanilla map. Follow all vanilla SMP precautions. Dont give out your coords to anyone you dont trust completely and dont build close to spawn. (Think a few thousand blocks out) Building a nether portal near your base is almost as dangerous as posting your coords at spawn. Dont do it. Build one farrr away from your base. There is no protection and no rollback in vanilla. People will try to grief you. 

The normal rules still apply! If you are caught griefing you will be banned. Breaking any of the other rules of Buildatnight will also result in a ban.

The normal world with ranks, plugins, protections and goodies is still up! The IP is You can connect to it using the 1.10 client like normal. When the normal world is updated to 1.11 and has protections the temp map will be removed and the main server will be back at the main IP

Have fun testing out 1.11 in vanilla!


The Super Moon and 1.11

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Tonight the moon will be the closest and largest since 1948!!!

If you have some free time and the sky is clear where you live it will be totally worth it to take a gander.

Now, the question on everyones mine! (< not a typo) 1.11!!!

According to the Spigot team the roadmap has an aggressive plan of having a 1.11 release build by next weekend. There will be test builds before that so I should be able to update most of our plugins to 1.11 before the official spigot build releases. (Hopefully)

At the moment I am planning on putting up our usual version change Vanilla temp map. The main server will continue to be accessible on 1.10 via a temporary alternate address I will be posting here when its ready and running.

Portable Horses should be 100% safe due to changes I made in the code base a couple versions ago. There are some features about them that are sadly changing and I will need to make changes to the plugin in order to support those changes. Specifically - "For all horses, HasReproducedType and Saddle tags are removed." and "Horse was split into entity IDs horsedonkeymuleskeleton_horse and zombie_horse for their respective types." -

At the moment I cannot predict how long it will take for me to change those tags because it depends on how spigot handles those changes in the API. Regardless the horses will still be 'safe' in or out of their saddles. Eventually I hope to add portable carpets for the new Llamas. 

I will keep you all posted! Feel free to post any other questions about updates in the forums so everyone can see the answers.



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