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New Contest!! Lucky to Build!

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Jcey wants to challenge all of you to her contest; Your LUCK depends on it!  

Thinking you got amazing luck by your side, how about you prove it?  This Contest caters to all skills and age-level; demonstrate that building is in the heart of every player!

No set theme other than showing your lucky side, just have fun, show support to the contests. or simply practice building skills you could not have otherwise used in survival (or could have used).   

Contest Ends April 4th, 2017!!


Ruffa Mah Feders Contest Results

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Thank you for all the participants; those who have finished a build and those who have attemped but did not complete due to other reasons.  

A reminder that contests are the only way to earn Stars at this point in time;  they are special currency provided only by Treydun and a player can acquire many special things from the one with (Owner) rank.  A player may request spawn eggs, player/mob heads, and some day hopefully, special edition Pop! Treydun and SMagicBaconS figures.

No categories were set for this contest; we have transitioned in the off-season for the oldie-but-goodie rank by skill and relevance to the theme.  This is also FidgetyAtom's contest which means her votes are far more important than any other judgment.

1st Placer: Prized Bird of the Overall "Ruffa Mah Feders" Contest


"love that scene :) Totally rocked this!" - FidgetyAtom

2nd Placer: Shot Down but Still Got Up


"Morbid xD. but clever" - FidgetyAtom


3rd Placer: Too Chill to Move to the Groove


"Cute little pudgy bird! I like it a lot" - FidgetyAtom

Runner Ups: You're worth mentioning so here.


"really was awesome, but more Disney than just Birdy" - FidgetyAtom


"It's funny looking!" - SodaPoppy

When's the next contest?  Who knows when, someone has to decide on something and remember; it is also off-season for players since all the school, life, work, or casual daydreaming.  



New Delayed Texture Pack Loader

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Many of you may have noticed the new delayed texture pack system.


I am going to give a quick little write up on it because its completely custom and there may be some questions about it that will hopefully be answered here.

Normally when you join a server with a custom resource pack it enables it before the world loads. This adds a few second delay on your login while Minecraft completely reloads your resources. It's possible to be killed during this load in and if your computer is not very good it can even cause you to crash!

I decided to delay the offering of the texture pack to give you time to hide from monsters and, if you are crashing on login, a way to cancel it. When logging in you have 15 seconds to type /tx cancel which will flag that you do not want to be offered the resource pack anymore. To request the resource pack again if you have done /tx cancel simply do /tx again or one of the sub options.

You will notice a delay of a few seconds each time the resource pack activates. This is due to how Mojang decided to code in the activation of resource packs, reloading the entire texture and sound engine.  (Log from Minecraft client when activating any resource pack)


This is no different than the temporary freeze while choosing a different texture pack in the Options menu. It happened before but due to it being during login it was somewhat hard to notice. 

While I was coding this delay I decided to offer some more options. When you first join the server offers you the Lite pack. That is only a better Sun and Moon. It is one of the smallest possible custom resource packs and should be the easiest on older PCs. If you want the full custom pack with custom Wither and Dragon sounds as well as a couple custom records you will have to type /tx full

If you change your offered texture pack the server will remember and always offer you the one you choose.

You can view the full commands list of /tx by typing /tx help The full list of options is

/tx cancel - Cancels auto loading of resource pack. Will not offer again.
/tx off - Loads an empty resource pack. Only useful for turning off the custom pack without needing to relog.
/tx lite - Loads the 'lite' pack with only our Sun and Moon
/tx full - Loads the full custom pack with custom sounds
/tx fullcdn - Loads the full pack via an alternate download site (dropbox)

There may be more features added in the future for being able to switch between different types of resource packs. Stay tuned!


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