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hello, to today when i loggen on for the first time that day, the day is 12/3/2013, and it said that i was banned for TNT Griefing Spawn. i did not have tnt on me. slith had an some but i dont know how  much slith has. he put one pice of TNT in a hole that has bedrock around me so i cant get out. i picked it up to get out and after i placed it some one els  took it. when i placed it i did not light it. thats all that i did with  TNT on the day of 12/2/2013. i am sorry, but i also dont know what i did. i was talking to a few other playor's a was with and they said they got banned for the same thing ish so i was also confuesed about that aswell. i dont think they did it eather we where some what together and runing arounf spawn not blowing it up. so i hope you can forgive me and unban me please.




ps. im sorry D: i dont think i did any thing rong but im sorry any ways

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Placing the Tnt and a lever within two blocks is pretty suspicous. You are being given a second chance, mostly because of your long standing support of this community. That being said, even though it was a temp map, you should know better. frown

Netac will also be given a second chance. Please dont play with tnt around spawn. That is breaking the number one rule. See /rules if you forgot.


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I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. ~ Alexander the Great

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thanks trey i will never

thanks trey i will never place tnt ever agen. Ps can i protect spawn and then add you and all the staff as owners?