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Woop Woop Wednesdays! ~ Suggestions!

Hello! Corshot Here!

I have been thinking about this for a bit (since Thursday), and I think it would be awesome if we can all suggest themes for each plug.dj wednesdays! It'll help people decide if they want to come on, or if they know any good songs before the next wednesday party!

      How to Suggest a theme!

  • Simply, Pick a theme that you would like to have selected for the upcoming wednesdays.
  • On the Monday before a Woop Woop Wednesday, the most voted theme will be played.
  • Write the date of the upcoming Wednesday that you are suggesting a theme for.
  • the most thumbs up on a theme will be chosen for the night.

I hope this idea works! :D

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My suggestion~
Wild Western Wednesday ;)


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My Suggestion~

(Wednesday 22th)

          Mega Beatz!


Sure look, be grand.