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TheBroGuy — Discord Ban Appeal

Note: This appeal is aimed essentially at MagicBacon as she handles the Discord and was the original author of my ban.

Minecraft Username: TheBroGuy_
Username Back Then: BroCrafter14

Discord Username: Sebastien (TheBroGuy)#7346

Reason for the Ban:
It's been a while now so I can't guarrantee this'll be entirely accurate. But as far as I can remember I got into an argument with a fellow member of the Discord and the argument went too far. I was asked to stop and didn't do so, and was all around pretty immature. After being banned I got really angry about it which didn't help my situation.

Why I think I deserve a second chance:
What I did was wrong, there's no getting around that. But I believe it was a one-time thing. I've been a member of the Build at Night community for multiple years now (on an off, granted) and get along well with most, if not all the members of its community. I've had my slip ups, but I believe everyone does from time to time and I hope they can be forgiven. It's been a while since I was originally banned and I believe that I have matured since then (a bit like a good cheese, I probably smell worse too) and won't repeat my actions in the future.

All in all, I hope that this can be put behind us and that I can once again become a full member of the community.


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Appeal accepted

I am glad that you have matured since our last encounter. You can have full access to the discord again, but please do not make me regret it. 



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bacon love your new avatar

bacon love your new avatar picture. Did you design yourself



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Yep I designed it in adobe

Yep I designed it in adobe illustrator!