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Survival Challenge [Vanilla Village Makeover!]

[ Vanilla Village Makeover! ]

Resource: Click Me!

  • Like the name of the game, the main goal is to transform a vanilla minecraft village to a well-rounded and stylized village or town so all the mobbly villagers can have some safety and unique villages to live in comparable to player towns.  Please click on the resource to know what fully goes on!

Here's what we mean: 

  • Find a vanilla structure generated village somewhere in the overworld (cannot have any previous alterations and can have existing villagers) OTHERWISE; staff may help you find one!
  • Limits of the village include:
    • Can only build as many structures as the original village (i.e. blacksmith/church/houses)
      • Must have at least 5 unique structures in the final design
      • Improved structures must be similar in size and shape as the original and can be moved slightly to fit the scene
    • May have other structures that complement the village (i.e. well/ garden/ streetlights/ extensive roads and bridges/ low fences/ vanilla generated farms)
    • Cannot have overwhelming structures (i.e. fortified walls/ multiple guard towers)
      • Exception is the combination of already existing structures (combined 2 houses of like size to make a sizable wall/town hall but it must be on the same spot as the already existing structures)
    • It would help to your build to make a specific theme or atmosphere to demonstrate your makeover ideas!!  

Here's an example!

  • SodaPoppy's and IdleNoise's Wyndia Estate.
    • You may visit this at /t tp wyndia.  This is an example of a vanilla village makeover; with a strong theme and support for the villagers to live in!  Too bad they are kept locked for their own safety!!  Please explore around and see what you can do with your own village!


  • Players may work alone or with groups of up to 3 people; if more than 3 people then they must transform either a) fairly large vanilla generated village or b) at least 2 total villages.
  • Villages are to be evaluated first by staff and agreed to be suitable for the contest
    • "Before" pictures are taken to be compared to "After" pictures.  So please do not start until the staff member says you can; so we can keep track who is in the contest!
      • No format to how pictures are taken as long as there is a clear contrast between the two

Risks and Rewards:

  • Rewards cannot be posted as this relates to the overall participation; if there are not enough participants then the rewards will be default contest rewards!
  • No categories; this is a return of the beloved 1st/2nd/3rd ranking slots; you have to be in it to win it!
  • Up to T2 rank rewarded exclusively to 1st place winners (If winners have already attained T2 rank, they are compensated with other rewards!).
    • T2 arti/mason is only applicable towards players who worked alone
    • T2 coordinator is given to those who worked in groups
  • No clue on the criteria for different skills sets of players

How to Enter?

  • Oh right, forgot about that!  Let the staff know (if not online please leave a /ticket)
    • If you have found a suitable village (make the ticket on the village) or requesting a staff chosen village
    • If you are working alone or with others
  • When does it start?  Just after the Kitty Korner! contest results are up!!  

Thank you!

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Qs and As here prolly?

The Puffle
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do villagers have to the original ones? because i have spawn eggs and an empty village

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Having villagers is optional but it helps to add to the scene.  And the empty village needs to be not previously tampered with before the contest starts as well as being approved by staff. 

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My village

My village was already preapproved by Soda quiet a while ago, but I wanted to document further before I plowed it all down.

I'm attaching some photos with the coords and just basic layout of the village

http://imgur.com/a/gI2eE   -  coords

http://imgur.com/a/1uxIJ   - view A

http://imgur.com/a/7fzD3  - view B

http://imgur.com/gallery/UNhIFnn  - view C


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There are 2 villages very

There are 2 villages very close together southwest of livmart that Babydoll215 and I started messing with but we are done with them. You can roll us back in those chunks if you want. We moved way down south where the villagers aren't all dead yet.



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We only roll back griefers :D

We only roll back griefers :D


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I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. ~ Alexander the Great