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Starter package

I really dont have a lot of time to play.  I was thinking about creating a newbie sarter package to help new players.

It would cintain:

Iron armor

Iron pick and shovel

Stack of seeds and potatoes

Stack of cooked beef



I'd  need help from the mods or admins to give this to the newbies.  Thoughts?

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Great Idea!

I like the thought behind this idea, but I'm afraid to say that it has already been implemented. Upon joining the server, new players receive certain benefits such as some food, an enchanted iron sword, known as the Beginner's Blade, and a Rules book. I think that the items they receive are a well thought out choice, as giving the new players more items may make them more inclined to leave the server if they lost it all, they may permanently rage quit. If you do want to add any additions to the Starter Pack for new players, ask Treydun!

    Awesome Suggestion,



Sure look, be grand.