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"Did you know that by participating eagerly in these contests, you will receive a star upon completion of a build?  Stars are super cool currency that Treydun provides and will have a cool shop you can trade goodies for."

Several people got stars in the easter egg hunt.  Including me.  We were puzzed.  How could one check one's total of "stars"? What good are they?  There will someday be a "cool shop"?  When will that be? 

It's not much of a motivator as things currently stand, unless there is information I do not have yet.

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An existence unseen

Stars has always been there as a special currency; notably available as contest prizes and whenever Treydun wants to award,
/stars me ​-> command to see current star count
/stars lead -> see hs of stars

There is a building at spawn (called the Bank and Star Store) that gives a bit of possible rewards you can trade in for if you have the stars to exchange.
Unfortunately, the current way to do the exchange is to ask Treydun about it.

However, he is working on a solid server shop for stars so anyone can freely exchange their stars.  Most of them will probably something along the lines of spawn eggs, possible unobtainable blocks, possible mob heads.  Complex and highly valued player heads that serve as aesthetic purposes will still probably by request.  

I have always iterated the existence of stars during contest results and possible things that one can use them for (other than obvious impossible things).  It's only a motivator for those who truly inquire their value.  Several players have already this information and stars are greatly desired by these particular individuals.