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Serengaeth -- Ban Appeal

My Minecraft username is Serengaeth. I came to this server shortly after it was created (over a year ago) mostly just to see what it was about. I know I like the ethos of this server and enjoy the community aspects which I don't believe can be found anywhere else.

While I was hanging out in the server chat for a while, I took it upon myself to construct from Netherrack the word "BALLS" in 10-block-tall letters. I then set this on fire (obviously). While this was rather childish, I don't think it was necessarily worthy of an instant, irrevocable banning. I am sorry for undertaking that particular construction project as my first on the server. It was rather out of character. I would like to bring my family here to play Minecraft properly.

Embarrassingly, I also had my kids try to log in with the usernames Asia_Luna and Supergreenlizard. These accounts were banned automagically; your logs should show they never broke any server rules apart from sharing an IP address with me. I humbly request they be unbanned also.

Thank you for considering my appeal.