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Second Competition Rules! Good luck

Personally, I like a bit of creative writing. And that's what this competition will be all about! I want players to write a story that we can donate to lilrabbitpaws library on the server. I don't mind what the content of the story is, as only I and perhaps a controlled few will be judging their contents. Us judges will stay open-minded when reading and judging. Not much more to say than good luck and that I look forward to reading any of your works.


Works must be submitted to the marked chest at "/visit prism" before 12:01am Nov 3rd. Giving everyone 2 weeks time after this post goes live. The chest will be marked clearly.




1st - Beacon + Reward Box

2nd - Beacon

3rd - Reward Box



- The works must be new works, not already existing ones. I can't prove this however, so I ask that you be honest.

- No copying existing writings. Parodys are allowed but plaigarism isn't.

- Length wont affect the judgement, as long as a concise story is clear enough enjoyable.

- All content is allowed, and will not affect judging, but if the content is deemed to risque it may not be shared with the public after the competition concludes.

- You may work together on a collaboration, but you will recieve the reward as a team. I will not be providing more rewards for teams.

- Works must be submitted before the 12am Jan 3rd. (2 weeks from now)

- I will not be asking anyone who has submitted to judge submissions.