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Reporting Guidelines

So you found someone hacking, swearing or generally breaking the rules?
Here are the guidelines to follow when submitting a report:

  1. Player Username: We need the player's name to be able to do anything about it. So please provide it.
  2. Approximate time (Include time zone) of the offense: It helps if we can look into the logs to get evidence (mostly for chat offense) but this is not obligatory.
  3. Evidence: Video evidence is preferable for hacks, but generally a screenshot and time of day will suffise for XRayers or chat offenders. Please provide as much evidence as you can for this will be a big deal breaker when it comes to finding and stopping hackers.
  4. Bonus Information: If you have any information you think could be useful to us please do transmit it!

That's about it, if you followe these guidelines properly, the offender should be dealt with accordingly and you can be proud for having helped the server out.