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Princess' paintings

A few weeks ago Princess re-did all the dorky paintings in the game.  The new versions are really great!  They are supposed to come with the texture pack. However, I have had TWO people come over to admire my living room, one I'm not sure who it was, the other was Phoenix, and they don't see the new paintings!  Phoenix has the texture pack, his sun is round, but the paintings are the dorky old ones.  Donkey kong, giant hand over karate people, etc. 

Neither of us can figure out why.  Why?

I don't do anything special, just let the server texture pack load as usual.

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I'll fix it! Sorry for the
I'll fix it! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. ~ Alexander the Great

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Saves the day agaiin

And the Hero is here to make all better!! <3 Thanks Trey

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Depends on texture pack

As it currently stands (Atom and I tested it this morning) all this depends on whether you have downloaded the server texture pack (or, of course, allowed it to be downloaded on you) and if so, which version. 

No texture pack = old pictures

"Lite" version = new pictures

"Full" version = old pictures

The automatic download gives you the "Lite" version.  But of course you can change this by typing /tx and then picking one of the alternatives.



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Well then.

I guess that explains it. ive been running with the Full textures. Maybe I'll try out the lite pack. I can't wait to see what my airship looks like.


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