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A Plug In Suggestion~! (◕‿◕✿)

It has come to me that, everywhere I go there are trees that are left uncut, ruined, or worse leaveless. After looking at the dyna-map I saw that a few number of forests has been "trimmed" or cut down completely leaving a baren land. As I got on the server today I saw that some of the trees around my house, has been cut or left half way cut. And its disturbing that the tree population around me is starting to dwindle down to almost nothing except for the flora. This problem is not just around my land but, it is all over the place! 

So I came up with a suggestion

Introducing~ :Tree Assist: A Plug-in that helps cut/replant Trees So the world will stay and look fresh~!

Tired of looking at the land with no trees?

Do you hate looking at trees with no leaves?! 

Does a huge tree cut only half-way grind your gears?

Will you ever have the time to cut down a huge tree? 

Worry No more! Tree-Assist will be a great plug-in to help with these problems~!

(*_*) / http://www.curse.com/bukkit-plugins/minecraft/tree-assist#t1:description

This is a really great solution to the Tree Problem, I would like it if you could consider this Trey~


Cons: I think it may affect Wooden building... BUT the insta breaker can be disabled in the config file and you can still keep the current tree plug in!


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Hey Zeewee, although this

Hey Zeewee, although this plugin is a good suggestion, we already have a plugin which helps tree chopping. The plugin, Choppy, works in the manner that every time a log is chopped, the log above it replaces the chopped log. This plugn has already benefitted a lot of people and is similar, if not the same, as the plugin you suggested. 


Sure look, be grand.

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Well the Plug-in can disable

Well the Plug-in can disable the Auto Cut thing for the wood, the only important thing to it is the Auto-Replanting System so trey can still use the Choppy plugin

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i am a person who trimed all

i am a person who trimed all my leaves off of the tree's around my house, i needed leaves :3



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Deja vu?

I believe we had a plugin much like that back on the old server, where dropped saplings replanted themselves. It was removed due to lag issues. We had the same with TreeAssist a while back. 

Nevertheless, I think it's an alright idea, if these issues can be worked around. 


-The Shogun