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Please consider my request.

Minecraft Name: MrMetacom

Ban Reason: Alt

Reason I Deserve a Second Chance:

Before you reject this appeal please just consider what I have to say.  I don't deserve a second chance at all.  I should be banned from this server and you should all hate me, just like it is.  All the staff should know me by now because of my previous appeal on this website.  I know what I did wrong and I'm very sad thinking back to it that I don't grasp that chance and do everything I could to do right by what my brother did wrong on the other account. You already know how awesome your server is, so I'll just get to the point.  I've had one of the best of times on this server, and I'm requesting that you consider unbanning me.  I won't break anymore rules and will keep anyone else strictly off this minecraft account.  I haven't forgot about BuildatNight.  That's why I've come back.  Please, at least consider it.

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A second account.

Making another account after your first was deactivated is not the way to appeal. You need to accept your consequences and leave Buildatnight alone. You aren't banned solely because of your brother, but because you griefed and then lied about it. There are many servers out there that you aren't banned from, good luck on those.