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Nebula_Horizons Ban Appeal

 Moinecraft Username: Nebula_Horizons

Reason: griefing the pier at a Ravena. I did it  because i needed wood quickly for a shop i made called Nebula's Stone Shop its been a bout a year and i have been thinking about it, and i realized it was stupid. i could've gone home and got like 30 logs. i dont know why i did it, it was very idiotic to steal and grief something big that is seen all the time.

I think i deserve a second chance because i spend a lot of time on that server and spent a chunk of that time on my base. And i made some friends on the server and i would like to see them again. and i want to see what has changed for the server and change my base a bit. And if you can approve of this, i will be extreamly grateful because it is quite a wonderful server that you guys have made. And i would like to sea all that awesomeness again.