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mc_gamester ban appeal

1. mc_gamester

2. arguing with staff (particularly bacon)

3. I was banned about two years ago, and through this time I have thought about the wonderful experiences I have had on this server. Most of my favorite minecraft experiences are from this server. I have also thought about what I did wrong. Bacon, I now see that it was extremely disrespectful to argue with you. I acted very immature, even for the young 14 year old I was. My actions are inexcusable, and I assure you that I have matured a lot since then. At the time, I felt like I all of the decisions I was making were correct although they were far from it. 

Now to address the second part of the question. I feel like I have had a big impact on the server in the years I played on it. I knew almost everyone that was on the server, and would trade with them often. Since I was also very good with redstone, sometimes I would make suggestions on a build. Overall, I think that I was a very friendly person and many would agree.

Another point I feel like I should mention, this is my first ban. Humans are not perfect, and I feel like I should get another chance.

I hope that this gets the message through that I am very passionate about this server, and I hope you forgive me bacon.

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It is good to hear from you again, this is a well-written appeal. I do feel as though you have matured since we have last spoken and I will unban you this time. Welcome back. 



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Thank you, it is nice to hear from you aswell.