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Jericho Build Content Results!

A HUGE thanks to those who participated in the Jericho Build Contest that wrapped up yesterday. We had several fantastic builds:

Stables and Livery - Neveah

Bottle Tipper's Apothecary - Rsvoirz

Burningham Place - Jcburningham

Bakery - jmorhardt (that's me)

Jericho Shipwrights - copperstreak

Pandora Tavern - Rsvoirz

Other participants included: Corshot, Conorisnotonfire, lavecchia, and Nagasuma. In the judging, only completed builds were judged. All incomplete builds will be removed. If you want the materials, let me know and I'll set them aside for you.


FIRST PLACE - Jcburningham with "Burningham Place" - 10 DIAMONDS

SECOND PLACE - Rsvoirz with "Bottle Tippers" - 3 DIAMONDS, SADDLE

HONORABLE MENTION - Copperstreak with "Shipwright" - 3 DIAMONDS

Come to Jericho and check out the builds. Plots for building are free of charge as well - just ask!