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How Category Judging Works

New Form of Judging recently introduced is based on category instead of the old rank in place judging.

How it works:

  • Categories form based on the number of entries and level of expertise; this allows more winners to come about if more players participate and winners can be selected regardless of their building skill level.
  • Categories are not released until the end of the contest in the results section, so players should build however they feel that they should do to win in the contest.
  • Judging is much easier for staff to vote who they want to win; this gives them a build that fits perfectly on a winning stand based on a category (like being most creative/funny/inspirational)
  • Judges can vote at most two (2) builds per category of who they believe they want to win.  Winner is still projected based on popular vote in a category.
  • Introduction of sponsor/guest judges; they may be entitled to have an exclusive category of their own; not affected by staff vote (in the "Beat the Wizard" Contest, Wizardbuilder had his own category, "Wizard's Pick").  Their votes also contribute towards the main categories.

Why the old Ranking way is flawed:

  • It is inconvenient for the staff to vote who gets to be 1st/2nd/3rd winners especially if the player is a repeat winner, this promotes voting to the skilled players in the contest.  Mind that category judging also plays with skilled players winning a lot of attention, but categories are to give judges a clearer opinion on who should really win, while not favoring a particular player just because they are good builders.
  • Ranking in a contest breeds players with "I am better than you" attitude, this is not a healthy behavior to have for a building community that seeks to enjoy the game and improve their own building styles.  If you so want to be the cream of the crop please do that in survival and get master rank. 
  • Each staff hold different opinions who should receive what rank and give "category-like" explanations (for examples, I gave this so-so person this rank because of creativity).  The total popularity votes end up receiving tied scores across all rankings.  So staff ends up picking a random name to a rank spot.  
  • No new blood; staff participation is stagnant (and can take a long while before everyone votes) and exclusive only to staff members.  Introduction of guest judges allow more flow and direction of popular voting.

Why do this?

  • As of now, it is on a trial run, most staff seem fairly optimistic of this new process.
  • More equally displaced winners based on their building styles and ethics.  
  • Simple guide to how the judging will affect future contests.  


Other things you can suggest otherwise.   Please let us know.  

P.S. Haters gonna Hate. "Don't Be Stupid" If you do not want to enter a contest and get your stars, then you are one less competition for everyone.

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I aprove this message 100%

I aprove this message 100%

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yes nice, very good. quite fair, kudos to whomever had this idea