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Horse Race Day Changed

Not a suggestion, but an announcement now that i'm back on regularly!

Since the new school year has started and most of our younger folk aren't online Friday afternoons, I've moved the race day to Saturdays! Races are still held at 2 PM Central Time. Please let your friends know!

If you're not sure what time that is in your time zone, Google it up! Theres a simple time zone converter in the Google engine.

Thanks everyone, and have a great day!


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In case anyone was having trouble with the converter, 2PM Central = 9AM in Antarctica.


Wash your creeper worries away, and just push play! My head is full of trees.

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Thanks Brownie <3

The struggle to convert the time was unreal! My google engine was not converting for me (bad reception here!? >.<) so I couldn't check the difference between Central Time and local time. You've saved me so much hassle! Thanks so so much! I'm going to tell Pinky the penguin that there are truly nice people out there like you! Thanks! <3 <3 <3


Sure look, be grand.