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Family_of_3/macFuz Feud

I would like to report Family_of_3 for griefing my old town. I know that the Discord Server is aware of our Feud (If possible could i get the link/server name for Discord?) and I'm willing to admit to my own wrong doings so long as he admits to his. I have taken screenshots of what he has done to my town, namely the wall. He has claimed ownership of my wall and my Town watch. He has also left signs begging me to leave, which i have done so. I am unable to finish my work on the town due to his claims. He has only acted this way because i had built too close to his claims. I honestly thought things were okay between us, not perfect but okay. I come back onto the server after being away and discovering my entire wall claimed and the gateway blocked with signs posted on there. He claims that "war was declared" because I removed his forest, which i believe is the unclaimed land i built my town upon. He never left any signs to deter people away from the forest and I didn't meet him until the town was established. The Forest wasn't even mentioned by him until I discovered the signs he left.

I am willing to accept any action taken by the mods or Admin deemed suitable for my part and act of pettiness but so long as Family_of_3 receives a similar consequence. He made the first move.

Thank you for your time, consideration and thought on this matter