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so after a long hiatus, I'm finding myself wiht a bit of time to be able to play.  However, things have changed in the 594 days I was gone, and am needing some help.


Mending is an enchant that I'm trying to get on my equipment.  Enchanting seems to be nerfed and I'm struggling to get the double enchants like you used to be able to do.  So i'm doing low level enchants, combining them, trying to get the ones I want, and then using villagers to get the mending.

I always used to run with 2 picks.  One with fortune on it, for redstone, lapis, and coal, and then efficiency/unbreaking on it for the brunt of it, and for the iron/gold. 

For the efficiency unbreaking pick, since stone/iron/gold don't drop xp when mined, mending wouldn't do any good would it?  What's the best set up with this?

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Highnoon you can use any XP

Highnoon you can use any XP to repair items with mending. Not just from mining. So you could use XP from a xp mob farm. 

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I would suggest putting mending on any/all tools or armor that you have. Swords, Picks, Shovels, Axes, Helmets, Chestplates so on and so fourth. Unfortunately you cant get mending through standard enchanting at a table. It can only be traded for with a Librarian Villager or looted from End City loot chests. Mending is one of the MOST usefull enchantments out there though. It basically turns any source of XP into duribility for your items. The best way to use this is to put the item you wish to repair in your offhand and take all armor that has mending off of you (you can place it in your regular inv not your hotbar) while your killing mobs or mining things it should repair the item in your offhand. it will also do this for selected items in your hotbar or armor that you are currently wearing. If multiple pieces of mending are being worn or selected such as hotbar or offhand it will pick one piece at random to repair even if it dont need to be. If the item doesnt NEED repairing it will go to your levels. Also, I personally like to do the same thing with picks. I keep two picks both Eff 5 and Unbreaking 3 but the main difference is one is Fortune 3 and the other is Silk touch. This makes it convenient to mine up things like redstone, diamond, and lapis in ore form. As a side note I do sell all these books at Pupmart, on the second floor. /Visit Pupmart


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