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A Dwarven BaN appeal

Greetings, I am Dwarvious.

I appear to have been Banished from the Build At Night/Build In The Rain server due to my rudeness towards a staff member.

Yes - Undeniably - I was rude.

Not to stir up anymore debates however, this inparticular incident happened outside of the Minecraft server, and there was no further heat towards the situation on such platform; Only on Discord, which settled itself after all had been laid out. I simply do not see why this incident is continually expanding into something so severe? Furthermore, I am to firm belief that the incident in question may be the only truely serious act that has resulted in any concequence with my vast time with the Build At Night community. As many users could agree, I'm not known as Agressive or a Bad Player on BaN: I Mine, Craft and as the server suggests, Build. There are some interesting characters on this server and many have become good friends! (Plus, someone's gotta finish that Kingdom, right? :) ) 

I can't say I have done anything extraodinary for the server, but I most certainly wouldn't suggest I mean any harm to It - BaN has been a great server regardless of how frequently I would visit.

It's a shame something so stupid has resulted in an abrubt hault to my time on Build At Night. I do not wish to leave this server on a low note and would respectfully appreciate if such punishments are reconsidered?

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Your attitude was incredibly
Your attitude was incredibly disrespectful right out of the gate and never improved throughout your interactions with multiple staff members. You even went so far as to glibly say "I don't respect you :)" You seem to have completely forgotten or do not care about the simple human rule "You have to give respect to get it." Our staff was courteous and respectful to you in spite of your admittedly rude and combative attitude. Staff here provides their time, work and care completely for free. They do not have to be subjected to rude behavior. Neither do our players, one of which you were very rude to as well. My interactions with you in the past were always quite positive and I had thought very highly of your character. The Dwarvious of the discord conversation was a complete antethisis of that person. This was a situation being blown way out of proportion and you played a significant role in that. Arguing with every answer you got instead of listening was not a fact finding mission. I allow an amount of discourse on BuildatNight but respecting your fellow players and staff members is a baseline requirement. Regretfully you will not be finishing your dwarven village here. I wish you luck finding a minecraft server where the staff welcomes your behavior because it sure isnt this one.

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I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. ~ Alexander the Great