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Cheers to Trey

If you can get us up to date on 1.12 in a day or two that's incredibly commenbable. Thanks to our ever endeavoring leader.

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Trey has provided us with what he has dubbed a "beta release" of Build at night. Only reason being is there are certain commonly used features that are broken or unusable such as Herochat. Herochat is the plugin that alows us to wisper to players within a seperate channel. Also Dynmap isn't updating or showing players locations. Trey knew that people would be far more concerned with getting their hands on some parrots or terrocotta than the little details that arent there right now. I am sure that he will soon have another update to our server that will fix most if not all of these issues. Thank you to Trey for providing us with this quick update.


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Just a cog in a finely tuned

Just a cog in a finely tuned machine


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