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blockbuilderboz Ban Appeal

Hello everybody,

I'm blockbuilderboz (recently Quantum_Doge) and I was banned about two years ago for griefing glowstone. I now post this appeal because I really like Build at Night and I wish to return to it. There is no other server like Build at Night that I have admired and now that I have had time to ponder what I have done, I think that I must never repeat my mistakes again.

Many of my favorite moments on Minecraft have came from this server and looking back, I see that greifing was a very childish thing to do, but I believe that I have matured now. My decisions as a teenager were poorly thought through -- there's no denying that.

Addressing the second part of the question, I feel like I have had a positive impact on the server(aside from the griefing). As a friend of FweFwe, I have helped contribute to a part of his town, one example being the-hard-to-miss Eiffel Tower or another such as . Thus, many of the projects we had in mind were either for the entertainment or benefit for all players on the server. As a player myself, I often traded with other players on the server and many would agree that I was a generous person as I sometimes gave away tools or resources for free.

Finally, I promise I will not repeat my mistakes twice. This is the only server that I ever want to forever take part in and repeating my mistakes again would be devastating to me. 


Thanks for considering my appeal and I hope you accept my apology.



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You were a key contributer to my town, and i was very bothered that you took the glowstone from my build and did not replace it. After you got banned I didnt feel like building anymore.. we had alot of plans with others in the town but now, all members of the town are inactive or moved away.

Can you atleast apologize to me for what you did? you had two years to ponder, and you didnt apologize in your appeal..

If you do get unbanned, welcome back, although I am sorry to inform you that I wont trust you into any of my claims untill I feel that I can trust you again.

~Fwe Fwe.