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Ban Appeal

Hi. I am TheFireOcean.

I honestly don't remember why I was banned. I think it was because I killed a polar bear because your claiming plugin was broken or something along those lines. I also ended up killing the ban hammer wither.

I deserve a second chance because It has been a couple years and I am 13 years old and more mature. I honestly think that it was too harsh to perma ban me for griefing just because I killed a polar bear. This is Minecraft. Things can be spawned in from creative mode.

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Just because things can be

Just because things can be "spawned in" doesn't mean you can kill other's things. that line has me feeling a little meh on this appeal. Also during your first appeal you said you were 'raging' and killed the wither, which means it was not an accident. So no, I do not think it was a harsh punishment. I do however believe you deserve a second chance if you can understand that we do not take griefing lightly regardless of mob, or building and respect this rule. 

Just because it can be spawned in doesn't mean the actions made by the player go away.