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Aquatica Travelpad List

Needing a certain place or destination?
Something new to explore?
Or gotta fix tools and need xp but don't know where to go?

Below is our currently ongoing and ever-changing Aquatica Travelpad list. If you don't have access to tpad, please use the one available at spawn. Right after you leave the spawn ship, head to the right about 20-30 blocks. There is a block of obsidian in the middle of nowhere on the walkway, which is a travelpad..
stand on it and type: /t tp [travelpad name]

Want to be added to this tpad list? Message me, Stardust_miner, either in game or thru our Discord server.
You can also send me mail in game if I'm not around with: 
"/mail send Stardust_miner gimme a tpad listing on the website pls, this is it..."

Public Farms
/t tp Endermanfarm - great xp farm built by Harki42, the heads are in the filter below.
/t tp blaze - blaze farm by LaundryDude with full enchanting table.
/t tp rods - blaze farm by D_Static. Also has netherwart and anvil area.
/t tp Skeletons! - skelly farm by Gundamit. Don't forget the ---> !
/t tp slime - big triple slime chunk farm by D_Static.
/t tp guardian - very efficient guardian/kelp farm by Sandwichking. Free kelp for personal use, but not to resell.
/t tp spidy - very cool looking, triple cave spider farm by Bobbelll and GamingDork, currently set for grinding.

/t tp fairtrade - Bacon's Buy & Sell, great way to earn money when first starting out.
/t tp wishicouldfly - Bobbelll & Star's Parkour and Flight Shop. Potions, elytra, rockets, & lots of gunpowder.
/t tp shop - Jcey's many small shops are fun to explore here. Ever-expanding so check in often. Turtle helmets, spidery things, dyes, and more.
/t tp static - Dauoa made a nice villager trading hall with trading goods to buy as well.
/t tp outlet - Brand new basic goods store by Matanpro & Bobbelll located in Ravena. Books, wood, quartz, and more.
/t tp cheeseball - Plenty of protein snacks available at Liondrak's Cheeseball Inn.
/t tp lemonstation - LemonTree and PrincessAnime have a nice general store started.
/t tp minimall - New location of Brandock's concrete shop, plus 3 more stores in the making... more coming soon!

Other Nice Places to Explore
/t tp Shinrai - Arilenn's town is ever-growing and has a villager trading hall, and a cool big clock tower hotel.
/t tp Deephaven - xXTigerMorrisXx also has a town looking for more people with access to public farms.
/t tp Osarian - Jaran_Farlance has a really nice medieval village. A must see!
/t tp Ravena - modern shopping town by FidgetyAtom and Stardust. Come get a plot to build a shop or just to live close to everything. Public farms too.
/t tp Hauntedsquare - Spooky Parkour/Maze/Puzzle House by Arilenn and Tsunamie.
/t tp Coast - watch the development of coltimcon's huge Seaside town.
/t tp Vandor - check out the newest town in our server created by GamingDork. :)

Need Resources?
/t tp wastelands - Dig away the sand here to the stone basin, its okay ;)
/t tp mesa - Yes, once beautiful...now hardened clay for all.
/t tp swamp - Big, flattened swamp area to hunt for slimes and their partners.
/t tp endstar - On the outer edge of EnderDragon Island. Has enderchest and regular chest to use.

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Slime farm

Great list, gonna be super helpful. I can barely remember the name to my shop.
Also, I think you forgot to add the public slime farm that Static (i think) owns.

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All pads in this list have

All pads in this list have been switched to public! If the owners dont wish that simply type /t set (PadName) private


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