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1.13 Update

I didnt know where else to place this queston, so here we go.

So as many already know, minecraft 1.13 has been released. Currently we have a Temp Map up for people to play on but I was wondering how close we are to getting a non-temp map. Are we still waiting on pluggins to update? Just wondering when we will have a map thats going to stick around.

Thank you!

-xebright (Zebra)

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The entire server (and

The entire server (and especially this forum) has been really quiet these past months. I hardly see anyone on even though this is when most people take a break from work / school. Maybe they're on when I'm asleep but still.

Maybe a map reset is what we need to get people playing again, especially those who already have massive bases and farms and nothing else to make.

I really have no interest in a FFA temp map, so I'd also like to know when we're getting a permanent 1.13 map. Not rushing anything, just curious.

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In progress

I know Trey is working on it, I don’t really have an ETA because it’s all Trey, but we have all been very active on the discord so that’s where you’ll find most of the server hyper.