Winter Waltz

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Winter Waltz~

That's Right, our winter contest is open and ready for builds!

Start Date:11/27/15, End Date:12/25/15 EST

This time, we will announce the categories!

A Wonderful Surprise: Impress the judges with an original idea!

Where's Your Snowman?: Build The Best Snowman, BE CREATIVE!!

A Wonky Wonder: Build Something CRAZY! Go Insane and build something that is downright CRAZY!

To get to this contest type /t tp Winter

Stand in the plot you'd like and type "/ticket may I have this plot please?"

Staff will hand out plots when they can, do not harass staff for them.

plots are 50x50 and ready to use!

Lastly, HAVE A BLAST! This contest's main judging factor is creativity.

Don't build the same old Santa or snowflake, go CRAZY!