Travelpads Reloaded!

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The travelpads plugin has been overhauled and there is a new help page for it!
Travelpads Reloaded < link

Its a little rough around the edges but here is a summary of changes for those who are already familiar with the way it works now.

You can hold an ender eye to pay for teleportation instead of using $

You can set your pads public with /t set (PadName) public

To see the top public pads type /t

To see a list of all public pads type /t list public

All pads in lists have hover information and are clickable

You can set your pads public description with
    /t set (PadName) description (Your description)

You can set your pads arrival direction with
    /t set (PadName) direction (north|south|east|west)

Autocomplete is actually helpful

A new teleporting sign format - [Travelpad] at the top line and
the pad name on the 2nd line. Bottom two can be anything