Trade in your Stars!!

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Treydun lives up to their promise again!  
We now have access to a rewards shop for stars. 
Wait stars?  Special currency awarded to players by winning/entering building contests that happen time to time, as well as possible event rewards that appear on the server.  Don't know how many/if you have?  /stars me

What kinda cool things can we expect?  First how about we open the ui: try typing /menu on your chat bar.

It should look like this:

Notice the stars option in the middle?  Click on it for another screen!

Now you should be here:

Click it again to start shopping for some decorative heads!!  
*Note that all costs are displayed when you place the cursor over the item!*

**Be wary though; all transactions are non-refundable and the items are subject to all rules of the server**
Anyone found to use them inappropriately or in a way that can harm or suggest harm to others is bannable!

Otherwise, have fun with all new decor!!  

Treydun will continue to add more options in the future!  Don't spend all yours stars so soon!  
Special orders for decorative heads that are not currently available in the shop are by request, but they will cost a pretty penny!